This U Tube video by Polaris is a good educational video to better understand Human trafficking.

Polaris U Tube Understanding and Reporting HT


Mental Health Series Kicks Off.
Speaker: John Mayo LMHC, and founder of Success 4 Kids & Families presented at this workshop. The topic was Conversations to Motivate Others, Strategies to Elicit Change.
One of the challenges for those of us who volunteer on the Healthcare Committee and who work with struggling kids, teens and domestic abuse and human trafficking victims is gathering the facts as to what is really going on and convincing the victims to trust us, and communicate with us. This takes time and patience and we rarely get the “true” story right out of the shoot. Learning better communication skills is key to our success! Many of our cases are ongoing as there is always more support needed than just providing safe, short term shelter.



Signs of Adolescent Vulnerabilities

Social and School Withdrawal

+ Drop in School Attendance, Drop in After School Activities
+ Change in Appearance – Expensive Clothes, Accessories or Opposite
+ Excessive Cash, High-end Items
+ Sleep Deprived 
+ New Older Friends, Bad Crowd, Secret Friends
+ Unusual Tattoos on neck, breast, i.e., Who’s Your Daddy Now!
+ Disoriented, Confused, Feels Hopeless
+ Change in Hygiene, Unwashed Hair, Hands, Face
+ Malnourished, Hungry
+ Responds Only When Coached – Tells You What They Think You Want to Hear
+ Physical Abusive Signs – Can be Hidden
+Dental Issues. Mouth Sores
+ Anger, Fearful, Anxious, Mood Swings, Refuses to Engage
+ No Eye Contact, Refuses to Respond, Won’t Listen
+ Afraid to go Home, Overly Helpful
+ Infections – STDs, Abortions, Skin Ulcers
+ Fearful for Another Family Member, Pet, Friend, + + + Family History of Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse

Drug Addiction or New Drug Habits

+ Theft, Stealing Money, Items – Home, School, Retail, Work
+ Manipulation, Lies a Lot, Blames Others, Changes the Subject
+ New “Aunt, Uncle, or Cousin” Who Dominates Their Life
+ Unsupervised Use of Social Media, On All the Time
+ Branding and Burns
+ Cries a Lot, Feels Abandoned
+ Lack of Eye Contact, Can’t Keep Still
+ Allows Others to Speak for Them, Language Barriers or Pretending?
+ Lacks ID/Documentation, Cash
+ Not Allowed to Socialize, Confined
+ Easily Intimidated
+ Burst of Violence, Bullying – Receiving and Giving
+ Depressed, Lack of Motivation, Giving Up
+ More Than One Cell Phone
+ Taking Part in Bad and Risky Behaviors
+ Participating in Illegal Activities and Encouraging Others to Join In
+ Loss or Lack of Appropriate Social and Physical Boundaries with Peers
+ Homeless, Foster Teen

If you suspect human trafficking or domestic violence issues, which is often at the root, contact your local law enforcement, school social worker, the National Hotline (888-373-7888) CAHT (813-938-5660), Florida Abuse Hotline 9800-96-ABUSE), text HELP to Be Free (233733) or Hillsborough County Hotline Crisis Center pf Tampa Bay– 211 or 844-MYFLHLP (693-5457)


Human Trafficking – What Every Parent Should Know.  Sponsored by Tampa Area PTA and School Board Human Trafficking Task Force.

The Program was Thursday, Jan 7th 2021. It is good information


Mentoring Inspires

Hi, This is Yuritzel Luviano.   She graduated in June from Manatee Technical College in Lakewood Ranch with Her Certification as a Dental Technician and a Certificate to do Dental X-rays .

Medine Marvals was our summer intern from Gannon University who created posters and instruction materials for each school level – the elementary, middle school and high school levels.
See Below for Posters

Middle School and High School Anti-Bullying Campaign

Larissa Saldano
Bonnnie Dell

June 16, 2020
Campaign Against Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence, known as CAHT, has a volunteer mentoring program headed by CAHT board member, Deborah Petrocelli. 
The program partners with other organizations in the area, such as schools, churches, food pantries and youth organizations offering tutoring, life- skill coaching, counseling and plain old “we care about you” messages and services.  Some of our mentor volunteers have developed close relationships with their students, helping them as they advance through the school systems, career planning, and supporting their families’ struggles with the financial changes caused by the COVID19 epidemic.  Bonnie Doll, CAHT volunteer and board member, and Lennard High School graduate Larissa Saldano, are one of the successful mentoring teams. They have developed a rewarding relationship where Larissa knows she can reach out to Bonnie at any time, even enjoying a lunch out. “Larissa is also one of this year’s CAHT scholarship winners, which will help her continue her dream of becoming a nurse,” states Bonnie Doll.  This year CAHT awarded 7 scholarships to aspiring graduates. 
If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Debbie Petrocelli at 813-922-4580.  CAHT is a 501(c)(3) organization located in Sun City Center. Our mission is to prevent the spread of human trafficking and domestic violence in the south shore area through funding, prevention/education programs for all ages, mentoring, and a safe shelter program that removes individuals or families out of harm’s way.  For more information contact President Robbie Chaplin at 319-360-7025 or

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