2023 Scholarships Presented

Campaign Against Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence – Southshore
(Known as CAHT)

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2023 Graduates



East Bay High School

East Bay High School:

Left to Right: Jonathan Rosario, Jaydin Douglas, Olivia Pergerine, Evette Velisquez, Raul Gutierrez, Selin Molina Pinein, Jessica Cormack,
Kyler Browning




2022 Graduates:



CAHT awarded 7 $1,000 scholarships last evening at Sumner High School. 

The winners are Sequoia Welsh, Michel Stevenson, Xiomara Martinez-Bamaca, Kevin Ibarias-Nanez, Tremaine Brown, Nada Alkhalileh, Zamya Norwood.  Presenting the awards was CAHT’s scholarship committee member, Linda Torchia. This year CAHT awarded 19 scholarships to the 3 high schools in the south shore area, totalling $19,000.  Committee members who reviewed over 100 applicants are Robbie Chaplin, Sue Batt and Linda Torchia.





CAHT awarded 7 $1,000 Scholarships last evening to East Bay High School

CAHT funded 7 scholarships at East Bay High School this year.  Linda Torchia, a member of the scholarship committee handed out 7 scholarships to deserving students from East Bay HS last night.  They are Tammy Chavez, Amoi Dore, Ashley-Nicole Hoff, Samantha Lee, Kevin Street and Alexis Smith.  Missing from the photo is student Veronica Du..  This year CAHT will have funded 19 scholarships to the three area high schools plus the El Passos  Futuro program.




CAHT awarded 4 $1,000 Scholarships to Lennard High School

CAHT funded 4 scholarships to deserving high school students from Lennard High School. They are
Sam Bouraba, Denisse Calixtro, Alison Quach, Kierra Rodriguez. This year CAHT will have funded 19 scholarships to the three area high schools plus the El Passos Futuro program.