About CAHT


CAHT’s Mission is to eliminate Human Trafficking in the Greater Tampa Bay area, by providing resources to those who rescue and support victims and providing critical information to protect others from becoming victims. CAHT’S Vision is to make the Greater Tampa Bay area the nation’s first Human Trafficking Free Zone

We do this through:


  • Teaching others to recognize when a person is being victimized.
  • Teaching young people and others to recognize when they are being targeted.
  • Teaching family members, teachers, and caregivers how to intervene when they suspect a person is being targeted.
  • Providing activities that build self-esteem to enable vulnerable children and young adults to resist being targeted as victims.


  • Raising money and providing resources to primary entities who work to prevent human trafficking.
  • Recruiting volunteers and donors to support the fight against human trafficking.
  • Partnering with others in the human trafficking space to increase awareness and resources to fight human trafficking.
  • Sponsoring information events and media campaigns to raise awareness about Human Trafficking.
  • Advocating for legal and government support to remove traffickers and punish users of trafficked individuals.

We connect with the community by


  • Presenting education and prevention programs on human trafficking (including related domestic violence), and anti-bullying.
  • Preparing and distributing rescue backpacks to first responders. This provides many things a male or female victim would need to function while a shelter is being located.
  • Creating and presenting puppeteer shows on anti-bullying for elementary and middle school students, with specific activity guides for teachers to use.
  • Donating funds and in-kind items to organizations and schools who support efforts to stop human trafficking.
  • Providing referral services for families and individuals who need assistance.
  • Partnering with other nonprofit organizations to help provide a safety net to keep our children safe from human traffickers.

For more information, email¬†–¬†information@sccblueheart.org

General Meetings are held every other month from September to May on Tuesdays.

Membership dues are $30 per year.


Send donations to: PO Box 5491 Sun City Center, Florida 33571 or 18250 US Hwy 301S Wimauma, FL, 33598