2019 Board

We want to thank all the great people who are helping our cause this year, especially those who so generously volunteer their time.  Without dedicated individuals such as these we could not accomplish so much.  Our 2019 Board Members:*

Campaign Against Human Trafficking – SouthShore, Inc. (CAHT)
Board of Directors and Committee Chairs as of January 2019
Board of Directors:
Annie Garrison – President
Robbie Chaplin – Vice President
Debbie Petrocelli – Secretary
John Mitchell – Treasurer
Committee Chairs:
Sharon Alvarez – Community Liaison Chair
Robbie Chaplin – Correspondence Chair
Bonnie Doll – Victim Services, VP at Large, General Services
Jean Harrison – Membership Chair
Valerie Pelkowski – General Meeting Host Chair
Kathy Lippincott – Fundraising/Events Chair
Deborah Petrocelli – Mentoring Committee Chair
Elaine Palach – Secondary Education/Prevention Chair
Virginia Kimball — Historian Chair
Deb May – Face Book Chair

Chairs who do not serve on the Board:
Kathleen Eckhart – Elementary Level Education/Prevention Chair
Monica Boyd – Community Liaison – Healthcare Committee
Lou Anne Rossdeutscher – Web Page Chair

*As of December, 2019

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