Volunteers Needed!

We are looking for great volunteers for the following programs and activities. Sign up!
Wimauma Elementary School – PCAT Program – after school tutoring. Learn more by contacting Ann Fenimore at annfennimore3@gmail.com or Christine Worley at christene.pcat@gmail.com
Enterprising Latinas is looking for the following volunteers – nurses to help with their new CNA Certification Program; English conversation tutors; computer training; after school homework tutoring/mentoring; ELS training. Contact Joan Leshin, EL board member at Blazemira@earthlink.net
Community Cupboard Food Pantry needs volunteers. Contact Annie Garrison at anngarrison66@gmail.com
Need two volunteers for upcoming Sex Trafficking in Florida Schools Symposium, Friday, Sept. 14. Help at registration. Contact Annie Garrison at anngarrison66@gmail.com.
We are looking for a CAHT member to take over our donors’ thank you notes. Contact Annie Garrison at anngarrison66@gmail.com or call 813-938-5660.
Let’s become involved in helping our community become stronger and healthier. If you wonder how this relates to human trafficking issues, well it does! Human traffickers prey on marginalized children, teens, struggling family and the homeless. Reach out and give of your time and expertise!
Thank you from your CAHT Board and Committee Chairs
Annie Garrison, CAHT President



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