UMC Check Presentation



Each year the United Methodist Church in Sun City Center selects twelve missions to support. Each selected mission becomes a “Mission of the Month” and members of the congregation have the opportunity to monetarily support that mission. The Campaign Against Human Trafficking – SouthShore (CAHT) is proud and thankful to have been selected as a “Mission of the Month” for the United Methodist Church in 2018. At the CAHT March meeting, Senior Pastor Charlie Rentz presented the check to their board members.

CAHT’s mission is to support the fight against Human Trafficking by providing awareness and prevention activities along with funding needed tangibles for at-risk youth and rescued survivors, safe houses and rehab centers. Human Trafficking is a horrific crime against humanity, second only to drug trafficking as a national crime. As an organization, the Campaign Against Human Trafficking-SouthShore is focused on the sex trafficking of minor children, mostly girls, some as young as 12 or 13 years of age.

CAHT’s Awareness Team is dedicated to bringing to the community the horrible statistics of this criminal activity at the local, state, national, and international levels. The Education Team is working to establish a relationship with area schools so that we might present prevention programs. CAHT volunteers mentor and tutor students in local schools and are working with the schools on their goals to upgrade the student materials and environment in which they learn. The Victim Services Team (VST) works to assemble Rescue Packs containing clothing and daily necessities for child and teenage victims of sex trafficking. The Rescue Packs are given to the FBI and law enforcement task forces that are directly involved with victim rescues.

Without the support of the United Methodist Church and other local organizations, CAHT would not be able to fight this crucial battle for our children. For more information on CAHT, visit or contact President Annie Garrison at 813-938-5660. Annie can be reached via email at For more information on the United Methodist Church, visit

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