President’s Notes – March 2018

Photo: New beginnings – fresh spring plants donated by Annie to the survivors

“Hope is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul –
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops – at all –”
              Emily Dickinson
Spring rejuvenates all of us with hope of new beginnings and refreshing old ones. I believe that is why many of us are constant gardeners and thrill at the prospect of watching plants grow with vibrant colors, tasty vegetables and fruits.
Human trafficking survivors are also looking toward new beginnings. They are learning to hope again, as they struggle to reclaim their self-worth and trust in others.  It is an incredible journey with strong, professional teams guiding them.
CAHT is part of this team! As a volunteer organization we assist with funding support as well as tangible supplies, even dental work when needed. One of my joys is volunteering once a week in a rehabilitation/safe home, and last week the ladies planted flowers and herbs. Digging in the dirt, arranging their plants while the sun beamed on their backs; many had never worked in a garden before. A new experience and one that will assist them in their journey to recovery.
I feel blessed to be a part of their journey. And guess what, we all are! CAHT relies on all our members and community for support, ideas, and pitching in.
In February we were honored by multiple private donations, new members’ contributions and charity funding from the United Methodist Church and St. John the Devine Episcopal Church. Thank you, thank you!
March is hopping with numerous activities. Check out our schedule on our web page:
I hope to see you at our general meeting on March 19th. Social starts at 12:30 pm, followed by meeting at 1:00 pm. Two speakers – one a survivor from Selah Freedom and Stephanie Costolo of Pasco County will be our guests. Ms. Costolo will be sharing the latest law enforcement human trafficking model being implemented in multiple states that targets reducing sex trafficking demands in their local jurisdictions.
In closing, I thank all of you for your continued efforts in our fight against the social injustice of human trafficking. Rescued victims do recognize our efforts and message of hope and inspiration. Survivors require the professional therapeutic and medical treatments, and skill development services that CAHT supports in order to become productive members of society. And as a community nonprofit we need to work diligently incorporating fresh new ideas on how to keep our young vulnerable teens, mothers, and unfortunately the elderly, safe and out of the clutches of human traffickers. Spring inspires us all and there is hope in all our souls!
Annie Garrison

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