October General Meeting

CAHT’s October 19 General Meeting – Our LGBTQ Youth Community

Campaign Against Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence (CAHT) will hold their monthly general meeting on October 19, 1 pm.  It will be a zoom meeting and a link will be sent out ahead of time in our membership email blast newsletter as well as posted on our web page: www.sccblueheart.org. You can also sign up by sending Jean Harrison, our membership chair, at Jean9910@aol.com, your email address.  Attending the meeting is free and we hope you will join our us to learn more about this very important topic, Our LGBTQ+ Youth Community. 

Our presenter is Mark Haggett, principal at RCMA Wimauma Community Academy and a champion for of equity and inclusion for all.  Haggett is a board member of the Tampa Bay’s GLSEN organization. This organization, endorsed by Hillsborough County Public Schools, offers support to every student’s right to a safe, supportive education, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity.  GLSEN is a US-based organization that works to end discrimination, harassment and bullying of LGBTQ+ school pupils. 
It is a known fact that LGBTQ+ teens are at a higher risk for domestic abuse, bullying, and being recruited by a human trafficker. Also, adolescent suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among our youth.  Being a LGBTQ+ youth alone does not put an adolescent at higher risk for suicide, but living in the closet, being outed by someone else, being ridiculed, bullied, and/or ostracized puts additional stressors on our struggling youth.

CAHT supports any and all efforts to provide programs like GLSEN in our schools that allow our youth to be safe out of harm’s way with opportunities to reach their aspirations and dreams. We encourage our community to zoom in to learn more about this important topic, particularly during this stressful COVID pandemic, which has a direct impact on teens and their families. For additional information contact, Annie Garrison at anngarrison66@gmail.com or 813-938-5660.

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