November General Meeting

Campaign Against Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence – SouthShore (CAHT) November general meeting is Monday, Nov. 16, 1 pm.  It is a zoom meeting. The presenter is Jennifer Hilton, Director of Training and Technology at the Westcare Foundation in Tampa.  Westcare is a renowned nonprofit located throughout the US known for its behavioral healthcare.  Ms. Hilton will address PTSD, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder – what is it and is not, the symptoms associated with PTSD, and its impact on human trafficking and domestic violence victims as they experience trauma.  The meeting is free.  If you would like to sign up for the zoom meeting, please send your email to Jean Harrison at  For more information about CAHT, check out their web page, or email, Annie Garrison at or call 813-938-5660.  CAHT is an all-volunteer nonprofit located in the south shore area whose mission CAHT’s mission is to support the fight against Human Trafficking and related domestic violence issues by providing educational awareness and prevention activities to schools and the community- at- large. The ten-year nonprofit works with multi-cultural groups in providing short-term housing and other basic needs to families as well as mentoring, scholarships, and referral services.  They also donate needed funding and/or tangible items to at-risk youth, law enforcement, regional anti-human trafficking nonprofits, and rehabilitation homes and centers. 

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