May General Meeting

Journey with a human trafficking and domestic abuse survivor as she walks us through her childhood, domestic abuse issues, drug addiction and involvement in the human trafficking business in the Tampa Bay area.  E (as we will call her) is now a proud mother and actively involved in saving other human trafficking victims.

Campaign Against Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence – Southshore, known as CAHT, will hold its last general meeting of the season Monday, May 17, 1 pm and it is a zoom meeting. To register, please email President Robbie Chaplin at

CAHT does not hold general meetings over the summer months and the next one will be Monday, Sept 20th and will be live, meeting at the United Methodist Church.  If you are interested in joining one of CAHT’s key committees – Events, Elementary and Secondary Education, Victim Services, Healthcare, Mentoring/tutoring, and Multi-cultural Diversity, please contact Robbie Chaplin at 319-360-7025 or Many of the committees will be meeting during the summer months. 

Please check out CAHT’s web page at for future events and human trafficking information.

E and her Daughter

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