Introducing Deb Petrocelli

Deb is the Community Outreach Chairperson for the Campaign Against Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence, Southshore (CAHT).  She is also a lion!

Understanding the benefits and dangers of social media is important, and Deb makes educational presentations to students from middle school all the way to universities.  Her message to young people is that their world will always move forward, never back.  She wants to “set an alarm system in their heads – to always be aware of the inherent dangers!  To THINK about it when they see a danger signal “.

Deb is also part of the puppeteer group Upstanders, that makes after school presentations to elementary and middle school students.  She is the Lion-the Bad Guy. 

Deb’s most rewarding moments are when she can educate people about the fact that the dangers of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence are right here where we live, not “out there”.  That moment when the light bulb flashes and the person recognizes the problem is very rewarding.

Thank you to Deb for all that she does.

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