Fresh Fruits/Vegetables to Selah Freedom, Sarasota FL

May 26, 2020

Fresh vegetables and fruit are gratefully accepted by CEO and Co-founder Laurie Swink of Selah Freedom, Sarasota, Florida from volunteers Bob and Bonnie Doll, of Campaign Against Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence, known as CAHT.  For the last two months Bob and Bonnie have gathered up a variety of fruits and veggies to be distributed to human trafficking survivors at one of Selah Freedom’s safe, rehabilitation homes.  Bonnie, chair of CAHT’s Victim Services Committee, and her team have been distributing basic supplies, produce, clothing and masks throughout the south shore area. “The COVID-19 epidemic has put all of us social services nonprofits, churches, schools and Hillsborough County rushing to provide multiple kinds of tangible items as well as funding for desperate families,  the homeless, and domestic violence and human trafficking victims in the area. We have a long partnership with Selah Freedom and when they call, Bonnie’s team springs into action!” says CAHT President Annie Garrison. For more information about CAHT or donating funds and/or items, please contact Bonnie Doll at 813-812-6355 or email at

CAHT volunteer Bob Doll and Selah Freedom CEO, Laurie Swink. 

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