Big Heart Donors

Celebrating Our Generous Donors of  2017/2018

Thanks to all of blue heart logoyou who have generously made donations to CAHT – SouthShore. Frequently, when we are out fundraising or speaking to organizations, kind folks reach into their pockets and give us a dollar or five or twenty.  Every donation helps!  If you’d like to donate, visit:  Donations of any amount greatly help our cause.

We pay no salaries to any of our fantastic board members and have only minimal expenses for supplies such as cards, letterhead, and postage.  Our goal is to make every dollar matter and to ensure as much of the donations we receive will be used to fund our programs.  We prepare backpacks full of clothing and personal items for the police and FBI to use when they rescue youngsters, plus much of our money goes to the various area rescue shelters where the children are housed when the police pick them up.  Because of the amount of therapy and treatment these youngsters need, they may stay in a shelter home for many months or even 1-2 years.  These shelters are regulated by the State and have very high overhead – our donations help them to stay open and provide necessary supplies and/or repairs.

STAND BY:  We’re updating our list of donors and will present them here shortly….


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