CSEC Training Course

November 1, 9-1
Sign up for the special course we are offering our mentors, tutors,
professional colleagues and teachers who work with kids, teens and even
adults. CSEC course is certified by the state as a training course for those
who work with traumatized children, suffering from sexual exploitation
and/or domestic violence. A donation will be paid at the door of $10 to
cover program expenses. The location is at St. Andrews Presbyterian
Church, 1239 W. Del Webb Blvd, SCC. Course is taught by Natasha
Nascimento, founder/executive director of Redefining Refuge, Inc.
Registration is required. If you signed up for the earlier course that we
had to cancel due to storm Dorian, you must let Debbie know if you are
planning to attend this one. You can reach her at 813-922-4580 or email
her at debbylou31@gmail.com.

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