April General Meeting

How are our area migrant families doing?

 Two guest speakers will share information about our migrant families concerns and issues in the south shore community. Ines Colon from Hillsborough County Public Schools Migrant Education Program and Teresita Matos-Post, executive director at Beth El Farmworkers Ministries in Wimauma, will educate us about our migrant students and their families’ struggles living in the south shore area. Both presenters will discuss the various programs and support offered to marginalized families and how we, as a community, can help out.  CAHT is actively involved in supporting both agencies by providing mentoring, scholarships, housing assistance and other basic needs as well as referrals to other agencies.
Farmworkers are seasonal workers. Many migrate to other areas or states following the crops in season. Farmworkers work hard, yet the pay they receive is not enough to pay rent, food, and other essentials. For 44 years Beth-El Farmworker Ministry offers relief and support by feeding the mind, body, and spirit of farmworkers and our neighbors in need through hunger relief efforts, access to educational opportunities, wellness, and spiritual formation. Many students are forced to leave school to help support their families or lack the resources to continue their education or training to meet their career aspirations.  Unfortunately, many families live in sub-standard housing in our area and are exposed to domestic abuse issues, lack of medical care, and other forms of exploitation. 

The meeting is by zoom invitation and starts at 1 pm, Monday, April 19th.  Send Annie Garrison an email at anngarrison66@gmail.com if you would like to sign up for a zoom invitation.  Zoom invites will go out Thursday, April 15th.  For further information about Campaign Against Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence – SouthShore, go to their web page:  www.sccblueheart.org or contact President Robbie Chaplin at chaplinroberta@yahoo.com.

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