CAHT’s President Transition

January 2021 starts off with a new president taking over my position. This is a good move as all thriving volunteer nonprofits need new ideas and energy to keep their organization fulfilling their mission and expanding their outreach. I have been honored to serve 3 plus years as your president with what I feel is one of the best volunteer boards I have ever partnered with! We have come a long way toward becoming a viable human trafficking and domestic violence force in the south shore area. Yes, I will stay active, assisting our new president as she guides CAHT forward. She is ready to step into this important position and she realizes that there are many families and individuals as well as organizations and schools who depend on CAHT’s services in our community. Thank you, all of you, who believed in me and picked me up when I stumbled. It has been a rewarding and enriching experience. Warm wishes and be joyful! Annie Garrison, Past President

Our New President- Robbie Chaplin

I am honored to have become the current president of Campaign Against Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence (CAHT). Over the past two and a half years with CAHT I have been inspired by Past President Annie Garrison as she made it her mission to grow CAHT into the effective multi-layered organization that it is today.

My degree in Criminal Justice has been helpful in my volunteering career, which includes working with at- risk youth, being an officer of the court, dealing with families, social workers, judges, lawyers and schools as a Guardian ad Litem in Iowa and Florida.

My goals are to building upon the wonderful group of volunteers that is the strength of CAHT, add more talent to our organization, and continue to build strong relationships within the community.
Robbie Chaplin, President





“As time passes on I turn the next page

To discover a new me

while I continue to age.

I may no longer be

Who I was long ago

But I still can matter —That much I know.

With a new set of tools

I have gathered from time —I keep looking forward

To more mountains to climb.

My best is not over

As the skeptics might say —I just learn how to conquer

In a much wiser way.

So don’t sell me short —I am not nearly done —I CAN STILL MATTER —

I’ve only just begun.”                ~ Irish Poem

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