A Message from the President

Every country in the world
is affected by human trafficking whether as a country of origin, transit or destination for victims. Traffickers the world over continue to target women and girls. Detected victims of sexual exploitation are major priorities, but what about those that are not detected? That is what is scary to me.
Please note that 35 per cent targeted are females! World and local conflicts further exacerbates vulnerabilities, with gangs exploiting civilians and traffickers targeting forcibly displaced people. It is happening all around us as trafficking in the US has doubled in recent years to 58 per cent of all detected victims (UNODC 2018 report). Florida still ranks 3rd in the nation with trafficked victims and the
Tampa Bay area is still a hot bed of all three forms of human trafficking. We in the US are the biggest buyers of human trafficking in this over $150 billion dollar business.
July 30 marked the global recognition of human trafficking of our fellow humans. It is also a good time for us to recognize our efforts to protect our vulnerable children and teens, male and female, from the clutches of human traffickers. We are all impacted by the violence in our country, and the migration of desperate families and victims caught in the human trafficking web. Humans Preying on Humans is against all decency and is morally wrong.
We need to recognize, celebrate, and reinforce our efforts by supporting CAHT’s achievements in the south shore area. In our busy lives we often forget or refuse to recognize that right next door there may be a domestic violence situation occurring, an unfortunate hit of poverty or illness, a young teen contemplating running away, lonely seniors and other individuals misusing the social web for love and/or a better promised life, or behind closed doors the selling of drugs and pornography, particularly to young boys, tweens and teens. All these activities create a perfect scenario for some child, teen or adult ending up as a human trafficking victim.
CAHT to the Rescue! What a team of super heroes!
This year, almost 200 backpacks distributed to rescued victims and other vulnerable children and teens at a cost of around $75 each!
Funding of technical training for young resilient teens in our community, and scholarships for our fantastic multi-cultural graduating teens.
New safe, emergency shelter for individuals and teens who need to
be immediately moved out of harm’s way.
Continued prevention and awareness training about human
trafficking, pornography and misuse of social media
in our schools,
churches, clubs, and other social services organizations.
New instruction tools and programs for working with kids at the
elementary and middle school levels on social media and cyberbullying.
Financial assistance to one of our local free legal clinic teams who
work hard to help victims know their rights and how to transverse
our complicated legal system.
CAHT volunteers offering mentoring and tutoring services, even
during the hot summer months
, help with life skills, art expression
sessions, and one-on-one counseling for domestic violence victims.
Check out our web page at Campaign Against Human Trafficking –
Southshore at www.sccblueheart.org.
We are so proud of all of our volunteers and grateful to those who reach
out to us for help and assistance. It’s a community effort and together we
are the sphere of influence!
Renew your membership. Easy to let it slip by; however, your
membership dues of $20 a year goes a long way to supporting the above
Send us a special summer donation in recognition of July’s United
Nation’s World Day Recognition of Human Trafficking. Your
thoughtfulness and generosity works! It costs money to fight against
human trafficking and related domestic violence issues in the south shore
area. Help us gear up for the fall activities, particularly in our area schools.
The school season is just about to begin.
Start of the fall general meeting season is fast approaching. Mark your
calendar for Monday, September 16, 12:30 social, meeting at 1:00 pm.
PACE Center for Girls will be our guest speaker. Held at the United
Methodist Church.
Warm wishes,
Annie Garrison
CAHT President


“As time passes on I turn the next page

To discover a new me

while I continue to age.

I may no longer be

Who I was long ago

But I still can matter —That much I know.

With a new set of tools

I have gathered from time —I keep looking forward

To more mountains to climb.

My best is not over

As the skeptics might say —I just learn how to conquer

In a much wiser way.

So don’t sell me short —I am not nearly done —I CAN STILL MATTER —

I’ve only just begun.”                   ~ Irish Poem

I feel this inspiring poem demonstrates a thriving will, not just a surviving will. It is a poem one can read over and over again as all of us need a positive boost now and then. I encourage you to share I Can Still Matter with your family and friends.    Nikki Cross, speaker at the recent Human Trafficking Conference at Tampa General Hospital, and once a human trafficking victim and now a world- renowned speaker, used the term, thriving, to describe many of the human trafficking victims who are battling their way through trauma and depression, experiencing multiple flashbacks and some deep emotional and even physical scarring that they suffered from their abusers. They are the lucky survivors who are gathering the resources and skills needed to become thrivers in our complex society. This is not an easy road they travel; however, fortunately there are skilled and dedicated professionals walking with them. I know from personal experience how difficult this climb can be as I walk as a volunteer with some of the survivors.   CAHT, because of our dedicated volunteers, is also thriving! One of our jobs atCAHT is to provide the funding and tools to help girls, boys and young women that have taken the first courageous steps toward freedom and a new life. This is such a rewarding endeavor as we collaborate with other human traffic nonprofits, skill development centers, safe homes, and our local schools. Thank you CAHT members for your continued support.   As the above poem says, “My best is not over…. I’ve only just begun,” and this summer your board and committees are not taking a break but instead they are busily planning for next season. Even the snowbirds are contributing to next year’s activities.   In May we funded the following activities: RCMA Wimauma summer school program with supplies, a special pilot program at Shields Middle School – Freedom for Teens, Southshore Chamber’s parents and students’ social media forum called Screenagers, and Enterprising Latinas. We also contributed victim back packs to U.S. Institute against Human Trafficking.   A new Healthcare Committee is off and running. While still in the organizational stages, its main focus will be to increase awareness of human trafficking issues to our healthcare community as well as providing local and state resources they may need.   Six new chairs have joined our CAHT team. Please welcome Elaine Palach, Secondary Education Chair; Kathy Lippincott, Event Chair; Anne Walker and Anne Planner, Healthcare Co-chairs; Tom Goselin, Advocacy Chair; and Doug Garr from Century 21 Realtors, who has agreed to chair our fall golf tournament. Wow, an amazing group of talented individuals!   Board member, Anne Fenimore and I participated as members of the GFWC Sun City Center Women’s Club at the Living Flag Tribute for the May 28thMemorial Day Ceremony at Kings Point. My, what a profound experience and so rewarding as we shared with others our recognition of deceased veterans at this community-wide event. Many of our community’s organizations were there, bowing our heads in respect and remembrance. CAHT was proud to be a part of this special ceremony.   Well, dear friends, thank you again for joining the CAHT team! Our membership is growing and so are our donations. If you have not joined a committee, please do! We need your creativity and involvement so we can continue to thrive, (I am really digging this word).    It is also paramount to our continued success that we have a steady stream of donations so please encourage your friends, business associates, churches, and clubs that you belong to consider us in their charitable giving. We have a job to do as CAHT is making a difference!   Remember, no general meetings until September 17th. However, we will continue to send out viable information during the summer.   Enjoy your summer,

Annie Garrison, CAHT President

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